Meet the Founder


It all started in my living room…

That’s right, Trap Vinyasa™ started in my living room after being burnt out teaching at studios where I didn’t relate with the clientele and inclusivity wasn’t a topic of concern.

Hi, my name is Abiola Akanni and I’m the founder of Trap Vinyasa™

When I started this practice I was looking for honest community and ready to identify as a sensual vessel as opposed to a sexualized body all while exploring radical self acceptance in my yoga practice.

As a first generation Nigerian American I grew up with traditional west African dance, it’s in my blood. I was also born in Atlanta Georgia, home of trap rap music and was heavily influenced by hip hop growing up.

It felt natural to fuse hip hop music and African dance into my sequences and from their Trap Vinyasa™ was born.

Despite being heavily judged by outsiders for their lifestyle choices, I’ve always found an insurmountable about of grace in urban or “trap” communities. The name “Trap Vinyasa™” arose from the desire to mimic that grace.

At TV we honor the history of hip hip and use its storytelling power to rewrite the stories we’ve been told about our bodies. Here fitness and sensuality are interwoven; we do not beat our bodies up to tone or strip them but instead we sweat to transmute our trauma into an ascension point. We sweat to purify our bodies. We sweat to sensualize and self accept. We sweat with purpose.

Welcome to the fam, your tribe awaits!

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A leader in the community and field of yoga, Abiola Akanni has successfully cultivated inclusive wellness spaces that encourage individuals to develop their personal yoga practice.

The Nigerian-American, certified yoga instructor is the wellness influencer behind Yoga by Biola and the founder of the radically body-positive Trap VinyasaTM and Body Party event series. Akanni is on the cutting edge of the global wellness scene, presenting her workshops and events at major festivals and conferences around the world in addition to speaking.about wellness education on major platforms.

Her liberating mission holds space for healing, while her creative teaching style offers physical and emotional introspection. The wellness entrepreneur is also the creator of The Divine Feminine Yoga Workshop, designed to help individuals embrace the archetypes of the divine feminine.

Abiola's soulful teachings continue to redefine the yoga and wellness arena while offering representation and cultural expression.