Series IV: HIIT

HIIT or high intensity interval training mixes short, high-intensity exercises with slower, recovery movements to increase the bodies metabolic rate and optimize its fat burning abilities. The most vigorous of the Trap Vinyasaโ„ข collection, Series IV calls you up physically and emotionally to a higher state of self acceptance. 

Periods of stress and rest are woven into the class through high-intensity intervals and recovery moments to mimic the ebb and flow of life while revealing our emotional responses when provoked. Despite its intensity, this class is not here to judge your athletic capabilities but shine light on how you love yourself when you perceive you are over or underperforming. The sequence, much like life, will not change but how you respond to its fervor will determine your progression and aid you in honoring your body. 

Here you'll awaken the teacher within, discern what you need and begin to love and accept yourself without conditions. Rolling oms are peppered through this sequence to tap into our collective oneness and carry us through difficult postures.