What Is Trap Vinyasa™?


Trap Vinyasa™ is more than a class, it a philosophy, utilizing the tools of alchemy and the embodied practice of asana to empower yogis and non yogis to rewrite the story of their bodies.

We're more than twerking. Get ready for a sensual, sweat-drippin' yoga experience for the MC in you! Laced with trap music, a beat-based genre of hip hop originating from the South, Tray Vinyasa™ is an all levels yoga fitness class combining dynamic asana with sensual dance and high intensity interval training.

Designed to help you explore sensuality and strength, TV classes will empower you to become the Master of Ceremony within your life. Let's drip.

Because All are worthy of enlightenment

All are worthy of enlightenment as all beings are deserving of the healing required on their ascension journey.

3 dimensional, duality-based reasoning would qualify “socially acceptable” behaviors and lifestyles as worthy of enlightenment as opposed to others. This is the mindset and or conscience Trap Vinyasa™ seeks to transcend because as long as we view the world through a 3D, duality based lens we will always judge individuals and actions as good or bad and/or right or wrong.

Join us in transcending 3rd-dimensional, duality based conscience as we rise to the 4th and 5th dimensions in love utilizing the principles of yoga and Christ consciousness.

Who is the guru?


The guru, or the teacher, comes in many forms. It is the destitute homeless we pass on our way to work, it is the working mother, it is the garbage man, it is the sex worker, it is the yogi, it is your transgendered co-worker, it is the little boy walking to school, it is the overweight fitness enthusiast, it is the hip hop artist.

The guru comes in many forms, as does enlightenment, because we all are gurus and/or teachers. Students of life primed for suffering and ascension. We are all light bodies with shadow, yet we miss the powerful teachings of our neighbors because we judge their package.

The servant shall be chief and the chief shall be the servant. The infinite makeup of this cosmic universe holds space for all gurus and all teachers, whether you are accessing this positioning for your healing or the healing of others.

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The Founder

What started out as a way to explore self expression in my yoga practice while flowing to trap music in my living room has become something much bigger than me, it’s become an opportunity for folks to embody self love!
— Abiola Akanni Founder of Trap Vinyasa

Hello, my name is Abiola. I’m first generation Nigerian-American. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and currently reside in Seattle WA. Growing up with Nigerian parents I was heavily surrounded by African music; my father’s an amazing dancer and I learned West African dance from watching him and my mom at Nigerian parties. At the same time, living in Atlanta I was immersed in hip hop, home of trap-rap music and stripper culture. My cousins were dancers and taught me how to move when I was very young. It was instinctual for me to combine the 2, traditional west African dance with modern hip hop and I’ve been dancing like that ever since. 

When I started practicing yoga a decade ago my practice was fairly militant as I was becoming reacquainted with discipline and gaining self awareness. As my practice developed I found more expression in the asanas when I flowed to trap rap, RnB or west African music. I wove dance elements into my home sequences and allowed my body to move how it wanted to. It felt very intuitive to do so especially because of my background. I also found more self expression and acceptance in my practice when I moved that way as the music supported my exploration.

Those close to me know me as an aspirant ball of energy with an incredibly motivated outlook on life. My competitive Type A personality worked in my favor for several years as an athlete and entrepreneur, but it also ate away at my self esteem, body image and relationships. As a result I struggled with substance abuse and depression for some time. 

That's when yoga came in. The practice found me by way of Bikram yoga 9 years ago, at a time where self awareness and balance were essential to my emotional development and empowerment. Since then, the practice has become my way of life, gifting me with the tools necessary to build the life of my dreams while becoming the woman I've always wanted to be.

Yoga finds each of us in a unique time and space. The practice itself has a life of its own and will see you through. I'm here to help guide your growth; to tell you to push, but to also pull, to dive deep, but also to relax, to inhale, but don't forget to exhale.

When we embrace change on our mat, we invite it into our lives.