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Laced with trap music, a heavy beat-based genre of rap originating from the South, Trap Vinyasa™ is a high-energy yoga fitness class combining dynamic yoga postures with sensual dance (#twerksomething), boxing and more! Designed to help you feel free in your body, this class combines the storytelling power of hip hop with the healing nature of yoga to empower you to rewrite the story of your life! This body positive yogic experience meets you exactly where you're at. The only requirement is that you are open to change and the liberty that awaits you on the other side.


word on the street

Thank You for such an amazing experience at Trap Vinyasa™! You really reached in and woke my feminine energy in a way I was not expecting and left me releasing so much pent up body dysmorphia I’ve been holding this week. I feel lighter, sexier, and more grounded in myself. I can’t wait to explore further Trap Vinyasa™ classes with you.
— Jade Tolson
Abiola is a beautiful spirit and her mission and purpose radiate through Trap Vinyasa™. The class is at the very least an amazing workout, and at the most, a soul-caffeinating, spirit-liberating and body-energizing experience. Being in a body-positive environment with music I loved helped me go deeper into each asana and I had a truly renewing experience.
— Anikia Nelson
The good vibes were palpable from the moment I walked in. When I looked around, it felt a lot like coming home, actually. I was raised with diverse races and body types, and I didn’t realize how much I craved this diversity until I was in Trap Vinyasa™ with Abiola. It was the most inclusive class I’ve ever experienced!
— Adrienne Rabena