Trap Vinyasa™ MC Teacher Training rundown


 As a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider® (YACEP®) Trap Vinyasa’s 40-hour RYT proprietary teacher training allows instructors to apply this training to their continuing education hours via Yoga Alliance, upon completion.

Trap Vinyasa’s teacher training adheres to Yoga Alliance Continuing Education guidelines while providing a one-of-a-kind, culturally expressive, proprietary training in hip hop, dance-fitness and yoga asana. Come get some!


Techniques, Training and Practice (TTP)

  • Learn Trap Vinyasa’s proprietary Intro and Core sequences, including class flow chart and time break down and sequence counts

  • Adjustments and modifications with props for specific injuries and body types

  • Mindful cueing with breath

  • Alternate nostril breathing techniques

  • Learn basic boxing, kickboxing and high intensity interval training techniques

  • Practice fluid dance and understanding “free flow form”

Teaching Methodology (TM)

  • History & power of Storytelling

  • Owning your story

  • Cultural appropriation and how to avoid it

  • What it means to be a Trap Vinyasa™ instructor and representative

  • Setting your Trap Vinyasa™ space/class

  • Holding inclusive space

  • Daily practice sessions teaching Intro & Core sequences in small groups

  • Final practicum class in small groups

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics (YPLE)

  • Alchemy

  • Vajra Deha and/or the Diamond Body

  • 8 Limbs of Yoga

  • History of Hip Hop

  • Elements of Trap Vinyasa™

  • Values of Trap Vinyasa™

  • History of African dance

Promote with Purpose: TV Branding Basics

  • TV teacher ethics

  • TV brand book

  • TV teacher contractual agreement

  • TV career options


Attendance is required for all Trap Vinyasa™ teacher trainings. For every 1-4 hours missed you will need to schedule a one hour private, at a rate of $140.

We're happy to work with you on this to ensure that you can get all of the information that is missed. The maximum time missed can be no more than 5 hours. If a teacher missing more than 5 hours out of the training they are ineligible for the TV certification.


  • 40 hours (37 contact, 3 homework)

  • 1 hour lunch break provided


  • $200 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit due within 72 hours of acceptance

  • Tuition Total: $950

  • Final remainder payment due 1 month prior to start