Who Is the TV MC Instructor?

The Trap Vinyasa™ MC Instructor is an alchemist, transmuting their trauma into an ascension point. She/He/They use movement to explore sensuality within their body without shame or guilt. They thrive off creative movement outside of traditional asana and find freedom in dance. #getyalife

It is through their trauma that they have learned healing and as such they’re able to hold space for multiple bodies, beings and stories, as a result, they own their stories as opposed to culturally appropriating from others. They are highly skilled Vinyasa yoga instructors and true lovers of hip hop.

The TV MCs grounded presence and expansive personality allows students to be expressive and receptive while exploring and strengthening their bodies through the Trap Vinyasa™ practice.

Their diverse bodies and backgrounds represent a global perspective of wellness while promoting body positivity. They aren’t who’d you’d label the hero yet have walked a heroic journey nonetheless. Our values are their values. This is the Trap Vinyasa™ MC.

If you this sounds like you, keep reading! You’ve found your tribe boo.

(Application required to become a TV MC Instructor)


Become a Trap Vinyasa™ MC Instructor and empower students to rewrite the stories of their bodies while sweating with intention.

We sweat 💦 to transmute our pain into power.

We sweat 💦 to cleanse & purify.

We sweat 💦 to sensualize & self accept.

We sweat 💦 with purpose on purpose!

Trap Vinyasa™ is more than a class, it a philosophy, utilizing the tools of alchemy and the embodied practice of asana to empower yogis and non yogis to rewrite the story of their bodies.


Sensuality is our vibe and we get our life through dance-fitness. Rewrite the story of your body through the language of movement while teaching others to identify as sensual beings as opposed to sexualized vessels. Let’s get sensual!


  • $200 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit due within 72 hours of acceptance

  • Tuition Total: $950

  • Final remainder payment due 1 month prior to start