Trap Vinyasa™ Core

The Fall Series II Pass introduces our Series II Surya Core sequence and features 8 Trap Vinyasa classes. Designed to stimulate your yoga practice while boosting confidence and elevating your sense of self worth, this body positive yogic experience liberates the mind and body to unabashedly embody your unique self express. We use dynamic yoga postures to build self awareness, booty-shaking dance moves to awaken our sensuality and boxing basics to embody empowerment. You will leave each class feeling confident, empowered, sexy and connected to your own body!

Seated and standing core exercises are woven throughout the Series II set sequence strung together by modified Sun Salutations. This core-focused class aids in healthy digestion and stimulates the liver, lungs, pancreas and adrenal glands. Known as the yin and yang sequence of the series, Surya Core utilizes personal power and intuition to access clarity of personal judgement and fluid dance to discover personal identity. You will leave feeling strengthened to access your power and boldly embody confidence! 

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