Series II: Surya Core©

The sanskrit word Surya means sun and Series II of the Trap Vinyasa™ collection is all about accessing the sun or heat of the belly through dynamic breath work, core exercises, yoga and dance. The core houses the 3rd chakra located between the solar plexus and the navel, and called Manipura or the jewel in the city, it’s here that our expression of will, personal power and identity are held. As a result, in order to access our confidence and self worth we need to activate the 3rd chakra. 

Seated and standing core exercises are woven throughout the Series II sequence strung together by modified Sun Salutations. This core-focused class aids in healthy digestion and stimulates the liver, lungs, pancreas and adrenal glands. Known as the yang sequence of the series, Surya Core seizes low vibrational emotions like shame and guilt, giving the clarity to embody confidence unapologetically. You will leave encouraged to stand in your power because you will finally know what it feels like.